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Bundle Boxes

Welcome to our Bundle Box Collection; where we put together a discounted box of items for you. Start by selecting which style of box you would like and what cost.

We have our Baby Bundle Box which is a choice from our current seasonal colours; or our Mystery Baby Bundle Box which is a choice from our passed seasonal colours. The Baby Bundle Box is discounted by 10% and the Mystery Baby Bundle Box is discounted by 30-50%. 

All baby bundle boxes list price includes the discount.

Once you have chosen which style of bundle box you would like; you will then select if it's for a boy, girl, unisex and a size and color. We will then put together a box of goodies for that specific selection. If you like surprises or your ordering a gift box made up for a friend or family member - these baby bundles are for you.

Please note the Mystery baby bundle boxes - we do not take a request for colour or print. This box will include a collection of items in the selected size and will be picked based on boy, girl or neutral. If you are ordering for yourself - we try our best to switch up the items so you don't receive the same items twice.

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