Pocket Jogger Youth


Soften up your wardrobe.

These one of a kind pocket joggers are silky soft and super comfy.

Made from natural bamboo and cotton fibers. Dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Designed to gather at the ankles and have a drop crotch. Manufactured in Alberta, Canada.

Care Instruction; We recommend machine wash in cold with similar colors, hang to dry or delicate dry, iron on low temperature.

Customer Reviews

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A Crystal
The quality has changed

I have been buying these pants for my son for the last 5 years. The last few pairs I bought (Fall 2022) had holes in the knees within only 5-8 wears. I was shocked and had to throw them out a few months after the initial purchase! My son is 5, and is not hard on his clothes. He is also not crawling around on his knees anymore! When he was little and wore these pants crawling and playing hard as a younger baby/toddler it would take a long time to have a hole in the knee; in fact, very few pairs got a hole in the knee. Posh and Cozy must have changed the material. For pants that cost approx. $45-$58 per pair, this will likely be the last time I purchase a batch of these. I actually have older pairs of these pants that he can still fit from 1-1.5 years ago that look old and worn out, with no holes in the knees! I'm super disappointed to say the least. I wish they would return to the original material they used, which was thicker and higher quality. Oddly enough, when I purchased the pairs in the fall (all of which are long gone due to massive holes), I briefly saw a review on the page stating the same concern I now have. It gave me a hesitation but I thought it would be fine as I had purchased them for years! I notice now this review has been deleted… I can certainly find higher-quality pants for much cheaper, and I will now be going that route. I love to support local, but this is not sustainable.

What I do love is that they fit my son amazingly. The style is awesome, and they can be dressed up or down! It's really too bad.

Nancy I

Pocket Jogger Youth

Kelly Allan

These joggers fit my 6 year old daughter so well and they look so cute on!