I AM ENOUGH Youth Crewneck

$55.00 CAD

NEW! I AM Enough crewneck for your littls. This warm and breathable oxford cut sweater is adorable and stays true to your little one. This crewneck is for our outgoing, cute, and fun loving personalities. All kids are enough and we should encourage them too feel comfortable in what makes them feel special. 

XS - Fits 4/5

S - Fits 5/6

M - Fits 7/8

L Fits - 9/10

The loose fit is comfortable for everyday wear and this sweater is made with 100% cotton bamboo, making this top soft and breathable.

Care Instructions: To keep these lovelies looking pretty, cold wash and hang to dry. 


See size chart

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Please contact us at info@poshandcozy.com if you have any further questions or would like some guidance on what size to order.

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