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Our Top 10 Favourite Bloggers

October 17, 2016

Our Top 10 Favourite Bloggers

1. Frugal Edmonton Mama - We love all her information and suggestions including how to minimalize your life, the best places to visit in Alberta and the best toys to buy your kids. I just so happen to buy the jungle gym bar dome from Costco that she featured back in early spring - and yes, it was the best toy. My girls use it everyday when we are at the lake! She has great tips on saving money while still enjoying life. She is honest in her life and I look forward to seeing her posts pop up on my news feed. Make sure to check this lovely lady out at www.frugaledmontonmama.com and on Facebook (my go to place).  

2. Northern_Style - Kira is our go-to fashion and lifestyle blogger. We love all the style features and tips that Kira posts. Her tips on makeup, style and  design can be helpful to any busy working woman. She also has a growing family that we can relate too. These past few months, she has regular style looks for an ever growing belly which has been great for me - I'm due on October 16! Check her blog out at www.northernstyle.com, and on IG @northern_style

3. All Kinds of Lovely Blog - we love this blogger and seeing her little guys grow. They have the best chubby cheeks ever! Dajana posts some amazing and tasty recipes too. We especially loved trying out the double chocolate banana bread recipe. YUM! If only there was more time in a day, we'd definitely be trying out many more of her amazing suggestions. Check her out on Instagram @allkindsoflovelyblog for her daily posts about life and it's necessities. 

4. @EverythingSoLovely - we recently came across this woman's amazing style and features on her Instagram account. Tiffany features some very gorgeous products from pillow covers to interior design favourites. We look forward to following her feed more and seeing all the new features she posts. We'll definitely be using some of her ideas in our own home decor plans. Make sure to stop and have a look because she also features her little guys here and there, and they are oh-so-adorable. Watch for our product features this month. You can visit her Instagram account here.  

 5. @Chloeandbeans - this mama amazes me. With 6 kids under the age of 4 - how she does it is beyond me. Living in Australia, she consistantly posts adorable pictures of her life with 3 boys followed by a set of triplets. She has a great sense of humour and exudes positive energy. I love the big family she has and how she takes every day with joy. These kids are loved dearly by their parents. Check out their vlog videos too via her IG account.

6. Cat and Nat - these moms are hilarious. Your stomach is sure to be hurting after checking out some of their daily vlogs. Their #momtruths posts/videos crack me up every time I watch them. My favourite so far is "All the Things Moms Think About" the night before on how as a mom - we can be better moms in life (ie. feeding our kids organic chia granola every day, finding special time each week to spend with each individual kid, and the list goes on of all the "realistic" daily goals a mom comes up with). They are honest about the reality of being moms and I love it. If I had more time in a day, I would probably watch them for hours because they make my day. They discuss the trials and tribulations of parenting in a humorous way.  Check all their vlogs out at www.socialcommon.ca or follow them on IG @CatandNat

7. Imomsohard - between glasses of wine and many hysterical moments, these two put humour into motherhood and womanhood. They post daily videos on youtube filled with laughter and the reality of being a woman and living life with kids, husbands, and dogs. Their recent video on mammograms is really funny. I could list many more videos that have left me laughing hard but you'll have to check them out for yourself to see what I'm talking about. If you need a good laugh, check out these ladies @Imomsohard on Facebook & IG. They will leave you crying and quite possible pouring yourself a glass of wine...or three.    

8. Candace Wolfe Design - we love a blogger that makes us laugh with their honesty. Candace is a professional interior designer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Her humour can be seen in her daily posts on Instagram @candacewolfedesign. She has amazing taste and style and her regular blogs feature her "At-Home-With Series." Candace makes visits to other people's homes and features what makes that person feel most at home in their space. We were lucky enough to be featured last year in her blog. If you need some home style tips and tricks, check Candace out at www.candacewolfe.com 

9. Kid President - if you are having a bad day - visit Robby's blog at www.kidpresident.com and check out his positive source of information. He is such a funny kid - his wittiness, good sense of humour and positive attitude can turn anyones mood upside down! We love his youtube video on Adulting - he explains his personal definition of Adulting - which means buying your own toilet paper, absolutely no summer vacation, wearing pants all the time and you wanna nap all the time, but your boss won't let you. The great thing about Robby is that you would never know that he has a bone disease which impacts his health some days because he is such a happy, go lucky kid. He is known for letting people know that Being a Person is Hard Sometimes but his positive attitude needs to be spread to the world.

10. Ania.b - she is another local Canadian blogger that we look up too for high fashion ideas in our wardrobe. In the city of Calgary - Ania is a trendsetter and has lots of great posts on new designers, hot new product and local shopping events. We love hearing about the local opportunities and fashion events for inspiration for new outfits. Not only does Ania write her blogs but she is also the model behind most of her amazing photographs around the world. Follow her Instagram account @aniab for the hottest new trends of the season and check out her blog.