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Why Organic Cotton is So Amazing!!

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Some people have asked us why organic cotton is so great?  

We decided to put together a couple of the great reasons why we use organic cotton in our products, other than the fact that it feels amazing and is oh so soft for your little one's skin.

Better for the environment  

The crops that organic cotton is created from do not use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms.  All of these things are toxic to the consumer, the producer and our environment.  Many cotton farmers are exposed to the the pesticides daily due to the fact that cotton is often hand picked.  The communities that these cotton farms are in can also be exposed as the pesticides seep into the water supply of their land.  By choosing to use organic cotton, we are providing a healthier environment for the world.  

Healthier for You

Wearing organic cotton has major health benefits.  We spend a huge part of our daily lives skin to skin with cotton.  From the sheets we sleep in to the clothing we wear to the furniture we sit on.  There are many products out there now that are available and that are organic (e.g. clothing, cosmetics, foods, etc.)  Organic cotton is especially great for babies tender developing skin.  Our skin is our largest organ so it is especially important for your children to have less exposure to the harsh chemicals that are found in regular cotton.  These chemicals can seep into their bloodstream and unfortunately there is minimal research on the long term effects of these chemicals effects.

How to Make the Switch

Making the switch can seem difficult and costly so we suggest do what works best for you and budget.  In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time in our beds, so sheets could be the first item you switch over.  Other people may decide to replace their clothing slowly.  Fortunately many larger companies are starting to also include organic clothing lines in their stores.  Other products you could switch slowly are your foods and cosmetics.  Check out for some great organic beauty and lifestyle products.  

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