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Survived our first weekend!

100% organic cotton blankets for everyday use first weekend of sales keep our fans updated kona cotton new blanket orders posh and cozy second blog post share our page swaddle blankets

Thank you to everyone that visited our page, shared our launch and took the time to give us feedback. We are always open to changes to help our fans and customers have a better shopping experience. If you think we are missing a product that your baby or child would benefit from - let us know we are always open for new suggestions. 

We are still troubleshooting our page so if you have placed an order in our sale that ended last night - and received a shipping confirmation please ignore this. We will email you with the shipping information once it has been shipped. This problem will not occur anymore!

Our page will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next month! Today we added a custom order option for our Cozy Blankets made with organic cotton/minky or kona cotton/minky and our Cozy Swaddle Blankets which are made from 100% organic cotton. 

Our next goal is to keep our customers shopping and updating our page to perfection! Enjoy a relaxing Sunday and stay tuned for our next blog post that will keep all our fans updated on what's happening at Posh & Cozy! 

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